Engage your remote teams better.

Collect regular feedback through Slack and act upon them with OneSquad.

What is it about?

Creating an easy bidirectional communication between you and your team.

Who is it for?

Remote teams, companies that run on Slack and companies that care about their employees.
Collect feedback

Easily collect feedback & opinions

Send one-off and automated surveys that run through Slack. Collect feedback from your employees without wasting their time.
Answer straight from Slack
Use the familiar Slack UI to answer the questions
Get reports in a channel or DM
Check in on your teams mood and take necessary actions.
Analyze reports in dashboard
Get a better overall view of responses using analytics dashboard.
Encourage your team & appreciate their efforts
Praise efforts
Increase team bonding and recognize achievements of your team using /kudos command
/kudos @gilfoyle The spline reticulation algorithm code is spotless 😍
Richard Hendricks
Powerful workflows
Automate the boring stuff
Integrate with the tools you love and use to build intelligent automated workflows.

Trigger actions based on events in Slack, create issues in Github, automatically track a message as a Trello card and more!
Automate reports, push data to third party services & more
Connect with your team and grow faster
Team Inbox
Manage suggestions
One place to manage and respond to all messages from your team. Users can also choose remain anonymous through /anonymous command
/message <suggestion> Can we get a water cooler near the rec room?
Jian Yang